Combat in the Coliseum follows the rules of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, with the follwing specifications and additions

  1. No Flanking
  2. Each round of the Arena is hosted by a randomly selected Arena Master. These masters have effects on the game such as which enemies the players will face, or even throwing fireballs at random combatants.
  3. Each round there will also be a random condition, such as Night/Day time or magical buffs to attacks and damage.
  4. After the master and condition have be chosen the Twitch audience will get to vote on where the players will fight.
  5. Players have 10 minutes of time prior to a match to cast spells, take potions and prepare for the next match.
  6. Players are given a short rest between the first and second matches, and a full rest before the third.
  7. Player versus player actions are not allowed, any attempts to do so will be thwarted by Voivode.
  8. Area of effect spells do affect ally players but should not be used intentionally to harm allies. There is a penalty system in place if players intentionally keep harming allies, though we hope to not need it.
  9. Arena Combatants tend to wear Potions on belts or something similar to facilitate quick access. Using a potion requires an action (Not a bonus) and players can force feed a potion to an ally if they are down. When giving another player a potion you can use your own potion or theirs.
  10. Mixing Potions is dangerous! If a player consumes multiple potions Voivode will roll a random result. *Note Elixir’s and such count at potions. This excludes healing potions.
  11. Other than characters with the ability to summon as part of their class or spell list, contestants may bring a maximum of two additional beings into the arena with them.