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Keys from the Golden Vault is an adventure book that focuses on heists. The Golden Vault is an organization that you can work for which ties all of the adventures together in one narrative arc.

Sadly, most of the items you are tasked with stealing are preexisting items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide (DMG) and other sources. That said, the few items that are new are very, very cool.

Keys from the Golden Vault Item Pricings:

Popular Items

  • Book of Vile Darkness – The Book of Vile Darkness is a nasty piece of work from the DMG. Unlike the one there, the one in this one has a fixed set of characteristics, making it more predictable, and therefore more valuable.
  • Shard Solitaire – Free castings of certain high-end spells make this a popular item. It is unfortunate that this item requires attunement.
  • Shard of Xeluan – A cursed spellcasting focus that also increases your strength. Eldritch Knight, anyone?

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