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A wyrmling about to make a wish
I’ve been casting the wish spell once a year for almost 45 years, and it hasn’t really worked out.

Wish was previously banned. Your Voivode thinks the reason for that are fairly obvious. That said, I hate to limit what players can do in the Coliseum. Here are the current rules for use of wish:

  • Wish cannot be cast from a spell scroll.
  • All items that have wish as an effect are still banned.
  • Wish cannot be used to cast a banned spell.
  • When creating an effect not listed on the spell description:
    • The effect must be explained in one sentence and implementable in less than 1 minute will fail and the spell slot will be lost. In the event that the spell fails, negative effects will still apply.
    • Casting wish is “#$%* around and find out” situation. Feel confident that you know what you want before uttering the words, “I cast wish”. A poorly stated wish will likely have negative consequence.