Looking for a 5e Conditions quiz? Well you’ve found it! 10 questions to test your knowledge of prone, blind, deafened and all the other conditions in D&D!

A wizard getting petrified: D&D 5e Conditions

D&D 5e Conditions Quiz

How well do you know your D&D 5e Conditions?

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How can an invisible creature be detected?

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Which conditions reduce a creature’s movement speed to 0?

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Which condition grants advantage on ability check to interact socially with the affected creature?

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The blinded condition doesn’t have which effect on a creature?

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When a creature has six levels of Exhaustion, what happens?

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Which effects does the prone condition have on a creature?

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Which condition only causes a creature to have disadvantage on attack rolls?

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A petrified creature has immunity to all damage

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A paralyzed creature:

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An Incapacitated creature can't

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