We understand that the game can get exciting but please keep in mind these simple rules that will help improve the overall game play of The Arena. We aren’t Barbaric Gladiators after all!

  1. Respect each other.
  2. Be mindful when other are talking and avoid talking over others unless it is a matter that is important such as casting counterspell.
  3. When it is not your turn please pay attention to what is happening and try to plan at least your general actions for when your turn comes. This will speed games up and make more time for more games!
  4. If you are eating a snack or having background noise, it is preferred that you either turn on Discord’s Push-to-Talk function or have your mic muted when you are idle. (Try to remember to un-mute your mic, Tyler, Mobile and Jerry!)
  5. Voivode’s Coliseum is a rough place, gladiators may use course language, and deaths may be grisly, but a few things are off limits, and will lead to players being ejected from the game:
    1. No sexual assault-related roleplay, in-game actions or jokes. (Lewd jokes are ok.)
    2. No child abuse-related roleplay, in-game actions or jokes. (Spooky kids is fine.)
    3. No bigotry that could be mistaken for real world bigotry. (Jokes about elf ears are fine.)
    4. No verbal abuse or intimidation of other players.