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Below is a partial listing of D&D magic for what is available in the DungeonSports Coliseum’s many stores. You’ll find a reference to an item’s sourcebook in the table as well. Items from Tasha’s Cauldron of EverythingMythic Odyssey of TherosThe Wild Beyond The Witchlight, and Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica are here.

This page combines several sources, but you can also view lists of items in the following categories:

Alternatively, you can see prices organized by book.

Popular Magic Items from the Dungeon Master’s Guide

  1. Amulet of Health – This amulet increases your Constitution.
  2. Belt of Giant Strength – This is another item that increases your Strength. There are several varieties based upon the different types of giants in D&D.
  3. Boots of Striding and Springing – Run faster, jump higher, maybe…
  4. Cloak of Elvenkind – This cloak makes it easier to pass those stealth checks.
  5. Cloak of Protection – This cloak gives you an AC bonus.
  6. Bracers of Defense – Bumps up the AC of when you’re not wearing armor or using a shield.
  7. Dust of Disappearance – All the fun of invisibility without the concentration.
  8. Dynamite – Ads a little kaboom to the right campaign setting.
  9. Efreeti Chain – This armor bumps up your AC and gives you some other cool effects, if you’re strong enough.
  10. Gauntlets of Ogre Power – This item provides a huge boost to your Strength stat.
  11. Glamoured Studded Leather Armor – +1 Studded leather that you can make look like whatever you want to be wearing.
  12. Gloves of Missile Snaring – With these gloves you can catch the stuff people shoot at you.
  13. Periapt of Health – This periapt protects you from new disease and suppresses old ones.
  14. Periapt of Proof Against Poison – Don’t like getting poisoned or taking poison damage. All this for the grand price of no attunement.
  15. Pipes of the Sewers – You can call swarms of rats, if that’s what you’re into.
  16. Rope of Entanglement – A nice item for when you need to tie someone or something up.
  17. Robe of Useful Items – Has patches of useful items. Some of them are bags of gold. Be careful or your players will use these as lottery tickets.
  18. Sentinel Shield – This shield helps with initiative rolls and Perception checks.
  19. Spellguard Shield – Grants advantage on saving throw against magic, and gives spell attacks against you disadvantage.
  20. Sword of Vengeance – It provides an attack and damage bonus, but it is cursed.

D&D Magical Item Pricings and Your Game

The DungeonSports Coliseum is a high-magic campaign setting. Magical items may be more common than magical items are in your campaign setting. We price items consistent with the average income recommended for PCs in D&D 5e. As a result, our pricings should be widely applicable to most games. If the economy of your game is different, don’t worry! You can use the prices as a relative indicator of the power and utility of these items.