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Candlekeep Mysteries Items
Candlekeep Mysteries cover art

Candlekeep Mysteries Items range from odd utility items to some very powerful weapons and spellcasting focuses. Of particular note are Serpent Scale armor, which allows all of a character’s Dexterity modifier to be added to their AC, and the Gloves of Soul Catching.

Candlekeep Mysteries Item Pricings

Popular Items from Candlekeep Mysteries

  • Serpent Scale Armor – Scale armor that lets you get more benefit from you Dex mod. Also doesn’t impose a penalty on stealth.
  • Serpent’s Fang – Stab your enemies with a magical, poisonous serpent’s tooth? Why not?
  • Cracked Driftglobe – Maybe your players don’t deserve a shiny new driftglobe? GIve ’em a busted on instead.

We also have a full list of item pricings, as well as pricings by book.

Sane Magical Item Prices was used as a starting point for pricing, but ongoing adjustments are being made to the pricing, and additional items continue to be added to the lists.

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