Campaign Notes

Episode 1: Rebooted in a Dwarven Kingdom

  • Twitch the warforged fighter awakens in bed, confused and with nothing but their clothes. A small gray creature with pointed ears looks on expectantly.
  • Twitch pretends to be asleep. The gnome watching it is fooled. It leaves the room.
  • Twitch searches for a weapon and finds a club in the top drawer of the nightstand next to the bed he is in.
  • Twitch gets out of bed and craft itself clothes out of the bed linens.
  • Twitch checks the door, but isn’t stealthy, and immediately alerts the small gray being outside to his presence. The being is happy to see Twitch at first, but is concerned by the club it is carrying.
  • Twitch tells the creature it won’t attack it, and says it’s keeping the club. The gnome fails and insight check and believes twitch to be hostile.
  • Twitch asks for a bag to put the club in and the gnome finds one. The gnome tries to get Twitch to drop the club into the bag and disarm them, but Twitch doesn’t fall for it.
  • The Gnome gives twitch the bag, and warns them again that they shouldn’t provoke the dwarves, as they will not tolerate a threat in their midst.

Episode 2: Club in a Bag

  • The gnome asks twitch to go with him to see the Dwarf King. Twitch asks if there’s anything it shouldn’t do. The Gnome says just not to make any threatening moves.
  • The Gnome shows Twitch the Mushroom Garden and another dormitory. The dormitories on the east side of are for males, west side for females.
  • The gardener for the mushrooms is Meltrix. Twitch should ask her before picking any mushrooms. The one with the red cap and white spots functions like a healing potion.
  • Twitches belongings are locked in the first locker on the north side of the locker room.
  • Flegar runs the lift to the mines.
  • The gnome says it was happy to repair Twitch and introduce itself as “Bilki”
  • Northern rooms are for members of the kingdom who get their own rooms. These doors are locked.
  • Twitch and Bilki will not speak to the king directly, they will instead speak to his champion, Alga. Twitch follows Bilkis lead and does their best to look submissive (14 Performance).
  • What Twitch Sees in the Dwarves’ Great hall
    • From where they stand they can see a hallway that mirrors the one they came out of mirrored on the other side of the room they are in.
    • There are 5 rows of pews where some commoner dwarves sit. They appear lost in prayer, worshipful of their king.
    • There is a door at the West side of the great hall.
    • To the south, a corridor leads to two large stone doors.
  • Twitch decides to wait for Bilki to speak.

Episode 3: In Which Twitch Talks to the Dwarf King

  • Bilki presents twitch to the Dwarf King.
  • The King doesn’t speak or acknowledge anyone’s presence. The Champion, Agla speaks on the kings behalf. She says that the king wants reassurance that the warforged is not dangerous. Bilki says he’s sure it’s not, but encourages Twitch to speak for itself.
  • Twitch, “hello Miss. I would like to thank you for saving me. And if you could tell me a bit more about this kingdom your information would be appreciated. Also if you desire help with something I will gladly offer it as a thank you for the save”
  • Alga is pleased by Twitch’s response, although she reproves it for calling her “Miss” instead of “My Lady”. She asks if twitch has its own equipment.
  • Twitch, “Well, Bilki said there was my equipment locked in one of the lockers which I didn’t take for this meeting as it might have made me look dangerous which was, not my intention at all my lady. Its not anything great but it should get the job done”
  • Bilki leave to reequip Twitch. Twitch follows.
  • On the way to the locker room, Twitch notices that the one dwarf who was on the privy is still there. Twitch asks Bilki and the dwarf if the dwarf is OK.
    • The Dwarf says he is constipated and hasn’t been able to poop for 2 weeks.
    • Medicine Check: Twitch recognizes on of the mushrooms from the mushroom garden as a laxative and tells Bilki. Bilki says they would need to check in with Meltrix before taking any.
    • They go to the locker room and Twitch’s items are returned.

Arena Kills:

  • Tribal Warrior
  • Zombie Snake