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The movie, Dungeons and Dragons featured some pretty wild items. WotC has seen fit to grace us with a few of them, which you can currently find on D&D Beyond. Some of them are ridiculously overpowered. Others are way less dangerous than they appeared to be in the movie. I’d love to see a powered-up version of the Horn of Beckoning Death that actually packed a bit of a wallop.

Honor Among Thieves Item Prices

Honor Among Thieves Items

  • Helm of Disjunction – Destroys all magic consumbles, shuts down all magic effects, and knocks everyone around you on their butts to boot.
  • Hither-Thither Staff – A portal gun, but for D&D.
  • Horn of Beckoning Death – Makes humanoids into zombies, if they’re very weak, and only once a year.
  • Red Wizard Blade – Deals extra necrotic damage and the dead stay dead without true ressurection.
  • Tablet of Reawakening – One disposable true ressurection.

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