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Mythic Odyssey of Theros Item Pricing
Cover art from Mythic Odyssey of Theros

Mythic Odyssey of Theros introduces the piety system, a way of gaining favor with your gods. There are benefits of being in a god’s good graces. Especially if they’re a god who likes to pass out cool artifact weapons.

This table also suggest pricing for earning piety levels for gods. This would be themed as donations to the god’s temple, or some other material sacrifice to the god. They might not need it, but their adherents do if they want to grow in influence.

Mythic Odyssey of Theros Item Pricings:

  • Artifact Weapons – Mythic Odyssey of Theros has some amazing weapon options. If your current campaign involves the gods in any significant way, I strongly encourage you to work in these weapons, or ones like them, and the piety system into your game. These weapons scale in power as the player gains the favor of their god. You can find them in the book starting on page 198.
    • Akmon, Hammer of Purphoros
    • Dekella, Bident of Thassa
    • Ephixis, Bow of Nylea
    • Khrusor, Spear of Heliod
    • Mastix, Whip of Erebos
  • Molten Bronze Skin – Pour-on breastplate, half plate or plate armor that can be worn under clothing and doesn’t impose disadvantage on stealth checks.
  • Two Birds Sling – A magic sling that lets you ricochet your shots from one target to the next. Check out the Sling Bullets of Althemone too, while you’re at it.

Sane Magical Item Prices was used as a starting point for pricing, but ongoing adjustments are being made to the pricing, and additional items continue to be added to the lists.

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