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Tasha's Item Pricings
Cover art: Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything brough magical equipment specialized for a wide range of classes to the game. This book is easily one of player’s favorite sources of items. We’ll see if that changes when the Book of Many Things is released.

Below are our recommended item pricings for this book. You can find the full list here. Look below the table for a list of popular items from this book.

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Item Pricing

Popular Items from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything

  1. All-Purpose Tool – +1, +2 and +3 casting bonuses for our artificer friends, and gain a cantrip from any class spell list for 8 hours.
  2. Amulet of the Devout – This item grants a spellcasting bonus for paladins and clerics and lets them use Channel Divinity one more time per day.
  3. Arcane Grimoire – Gives wizards an attack and DC bonus for their spells. It also gives your character a bonus use of Arcane Recovery.
  4. Atlas of Endless Horizons – Swap prepared wizard spells and teleport away from damage.
  5. Bloodwell Vial – This item gives sorcerers a bonus to their spellcasting and lets them regain sorcery points when rolling hit dice.
  6. Devotees Censer – This holy symbol lets a character deal extra radiant damage and releases a healing incense.
  7. Feywild Shard – Spellcasting focus which triggers Wild Magic Surges when metamagic is used
  8. Fulminating Treatise – Replace a prepared wizard spell in one minute, or add additional force damage and prone the target of an evocation spell.
  9. Guardian Emblem – 3 charges that change critical hits you see into normal hits.
  10. Magical Tattoos
    • Eldritch Claw Tattoo – This tattoo makes your unarmed strikes magical, and give you a +1 bonus to attacks and damage. You can also increase the range of your melee attacks have a range of 15 feet for up to a minute each day.
    • Barrier Tattoo – These tattoos come in small, medium and large size. When unarmored, you have an increased base AC plus your dexterity score.
    • Spellwrought Tattoos – These tattoos are a lot like spell scrolls. They are single use and let you cast spells without a using a spell slot. The big diference is, the spell doesn’t need to be on you classes spell list.
    • Ghost Step Tattoo – As a bonus action, you can use this tattoo to become ghostly. You reduce physical damage, can’t be grappled or restrained, and can move through physical objects.
    • Lifewell Tattoo – Necrotic resistance and death ward.
    • Blood Fury Tattoo – Expend a charge to deal necrotic damage and heal on your attacks, and to make melee attacks against creatures that deal damage to you as a reaction.
    • Masquerade Tattoo – Lets you cast disguise self once a day.
    • Coiling Grasp Tattoo – Grapple and damage creatures within 15 feet on a Strength saving throw.
    • Shadowfell Brand Tattoo – Darkvision, advantage on Stealth checks, and the ability to halve damage as a reaction.
    • Absorbing Tattoo – Gives you resistance to certain damage types.
  11. Moon Sickle – A nice little item for druids and rangers. This sickle gives them a bonus to their spellcasting modifiers.
  12. Nature’s Mantle – This item acts as a spellcasting focus for druids and rangers. You can also hide in light obscurement.
  13. Prosthetic Limb – Just what it sounds like. Replaces any limb or part thereof perfectly.
  14. Rhythm Maker’s Drum – This item gives bard a bonus to spellcasting and DCs. It also lets you regain a bardic inspiration and grants a few other benefits as well.

Sane Magical Item Prices was used as a starting point for pricing, but ongoing adjustments are being made to the pricing, and additional items continue to be added to the lists.

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