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If you need a coliseum map, you’ll find it here. If you’re looking for other maps, I’ll be adding them shortly!

The Ancient Arena – Coliseum Map

We say Coliseum Map, you say Colosseum Map.  Let's call the whole thing off.

This eons-old edifice of violence was found adrift in the Astral Plane by none other than Voivode Kohoutek. He installed it as the centerpiece of his DungeonSports Arena Complex.

Even when this Coliseum is empty, the foul watchers ringing it stare expectantly into the battlefield. They crave the sights and sounds of battle to sate their preternatural bloodlust.

Map Dimensions

  • Width: 3220 Pixels
  • Height: 1820 Pixels
  • Grid: 50 Pixels

Using This Map

  • We recommend a wall of force or other magical barrier to keep contestants from finding their way out of the arena before combat is over, and to prevent the audience from being harmed. Unless that’s what you want.
  • Consider blocking the entry points with a wall or other structure that can provide cover for slower combatants so that they aren’t killed by ranged attacks before they can take their first turn.
  • Beware the ghosts of fallen gladiators on this coliseum map. They are restless…

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