Current Season – Started 11/22/22

Week 1

Arena Titles

Arena Records

Smash Dungeons – (4 Rounds Cleared, Level 20 + Epic Boons) – Alton, Ætherfluxx™, Beast Mode, Fortuity, Jit, and Rudolphmovo.

Week 7

Most Deadly – Spiral(Beast Mode) with 50 kills
Light of Mercy – Serran (Kinnori) with 25 assists
Most Valiant Combatant – Spiral (Beast Mode) voted MVC 8 times

Week 2

Most Deadly – Malady (Tiddleykong) with 10 kills
Light of Mercy – Malady (Tiddleykong) with 10 assists
Most Valiant Combatant – Spiral (Beast Mode) and Serran (Kinnori), tied, voted MVC 2 times

Previous Seasons

Season 5 – Final

Arena Title

Most Deadly – Gravel Stone Fist (Nik) with 60 kills
Light of Mercy – Brick (Thresh), with 19 assists
Most Valiant Combatant – Brick (Thresh), voted MVC 14 times


Name of the contestant the last time they entered the coliseum. Linked to their Roll20 profile page.


Number of monsters the contestant delivered the killing attack to.


Other contestants revived, leveled spells cast to assist other players, and hits taken for other players

Most Valiant Combatant (MVC)

The contestant whose actions distinguished them from all the others during the match, as voted by the Twitch chat.