I don’t usually invite people to fight in my Coliseum. They mostly just show up, looking for gold and glory. My minions collect the monsters. Everyone gets the fight of their life. Maybe they go home famous, maybe the die for my entertainment, and for the entertainment of the audience. You seem special. Not just a survivor, maybe a true champion. I cordially invite you to enter my Coliseum.

Hey, it’s better than trudging around filthy dungeons to find some random loot right? You know what you’ll get if you fight in the Coliseum. I tell you up front. I’ll even put you up on the leaderboard so everyone can see how hard you are. Hey, I made up this song about it, what do you think?

My Coliseum puts all the fighters in the arena,
and they’re like, “It’s deadlier than yours”
Damn right, it’s deadlier than yours,
but if you win there you’ll get gold by the barge!

I know you want it
The gold that glitters
What adventurers go crazy for
They lose their lives
But they still grind!

It’s Coliseum Time!

-A song Voivode made up one day about his Coliseum

Anyways, come to the Coliseum next time it appears in your neck of the plane.