Gold Pieces are earned for victories in the Coliseum. They will be added to your account after the session ends.

Item Lifecycle:

  1. Purchase Item
  2. Use the item if the item is consumable or you give it to another player (Voivode will add item to the new players inventory)
  3. Sell item back to store (Patrons Only)
  4. Items cleared at end of season


Using Commands

  1. All commands should be preceded by “q!”. Add one to the beginning of the commands below
  2. The bot should respond after each command. If it doesn’t, try the command again
  3. In the command examples below <member> should be replaced with an @mention of the player who is the target of the command.

Item Commands

Buy an item:

Give an Item (Patrons Only):

  • Command: q!give-item <member> [quantity] <item name>
  • Description: This item will give another player an item from the store. It should only be used to give an item you already have in you inventory, and that item should be used to remove it from your inventory.

Check Inventory:

  • Command: q!inventory <page>
  • Description: View the items you have in your inventory. View Item Information: Command: item-info <item name> See the price and description of an item.

Sell an Item (Patrons Only):

  • Command: q!sell-item <member> [quantity] <item name>
  • Description; Sells item back to store for 100% of sale price.

View the Store:

Use an Item:

  • Command: q!use-item [quantity] <item name>
  • Description: Remove an item from you inventory. This should be done when a consumable is expended, or an item is given to another player

Money Commands

Check Account Balance

  • Command q!money
  • Description: See how much money you have.

Give Another Player Money:

  • Command q!give-money <member> <amount or all>
  • Description: Does what it says.