Giant God Scion, Cradle of the Storm Scion
Cradle of the Storm Scion of Stronmaus

You can find the Giant God Scions in Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants. There is one for each classic type of giant: storm, frost, cloud, fire and hill. These creatures are the children of the gods, grandchildren of the giant’s All-father. The scions currently rest in their cradles, waiting for you PCs to come and disturb them.

Cradle of the Frost Scion
Cradle of the Frost Scion of Thrym

In combat, they function similarly to the various awakenings of greatwyrms and some of the more powerful creatures from Mythic Odyssey of Theros. The encounter starts out with the scions “cradle”. This cradle is a gargantuan elemental. Each one is appropriate to the type of giant god scion they contain. The are said to be a humanoid form composed I’ve created a token for each of them; there isn’t art for them included in the book. The art is courtesy of Dall-e. And yes, I made the hill giant one a little silly. Hill giants are silly.

Giant God Scions: Cradle of the Cloud Scion
Cradle of the Cloud Scion of Stronmaus
Cradle of the Hill Scion
Cradle of Hill Scion of Grolantor

Giant God Scion, Freed!

When the cradle is defeated, the giant god scion it contains continues the battle. Of course, perhaps you players will try talking to them, and maybe deescalate things? You’re right, probably not. I’ve had the chance to use a few of them in combat at this point. I find it a little unfortunate that they don’t have legendary actions, and I think they punch a little bit below their weight because of it. That said, they do make a big splash with players, and are fun to run. When they do hit, they hit very hard.

Cradle of the FIre Scion
Cradle of the Fire Scion of Surtur

Your players are gonna need some nice magic items to get through one of these fights. May we suggest how much those magic items are worth?


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