A blink dog is one of my favorite companions to give a party.  Here’s the stat block from the basic rules:

Blink Dog Stat Block

What makes the blink dog such a good companion?  One of the things you have to keep in mind when you introduce a companion for your party is that you don’t want it to take over the story.  A pet is good for this.  As a beast, it can’t really dominate conversations, social interactions or problem solving.  The blink dog has an even bigger leg up because, as it’s not a beast, it is even harder to communicate with.  It only understands Sylvan, and speaks blink dog. 

Clocking in at a CR ¼, The blink dog is not going to tip the scales of combat to much.  That said, it will be a big help for 1st and 2nd level characters. Given that it’s fey it can be expected to be benevolent, but also capricious.  Sometimes it shows up when you need it, sometimes it intervenes when you don’t want it to. 

Blink Dog, sort of...
I tried a lot of times to get Bing Copilot to make me a picture of a blink dog delivering a potion. This is the closes I got. I think it has wine.

That said, when the player get hung up on the puzzle you thought was ever so clear, the blink dog can provide the subtle clues necessary to get them over the hump.  It can point out clues, teleport to the other sides of obstacles. It can also warn of danger, and guard them while they get that long rest they need so badly. With a fifty percent likelihood of recharging each turn, outside of combat, you can expect it to “blink” every12 seconds.

There are many ways to introduce a blink dog into your story.  Your party might find one trapped in a dungeon.  The trap would need to be a place that the dog couldn’t see out of so it can’t teleport away.  A crate or sealed pottery of some sort could do the trick.  The player free the mysterious critter, and it immediately teleports away, only to return in their time of need.

Alternatively, maybe they meet it out in the wild and it camps with them for the night.  It has a real fondness for their rations.  The next time it shows up, it’s not really interested in helping, but it does want some more treats. 

Or maybe, It’s all part of something bigger.  That blink dog that keeps showing up at the right time isn’t just a coincidence.  The party has a benefactor in the feywild.  The dog shows has been assigned to help them in their quest.  The dog will need some better gear though.  Maybe a collar that it can use to cast the gate spell, so it can get to the Feywild and back.  This gives the players another thread to pull on.  Who is their supporter in the Feywild, and what strings are attached to their assistance?

Maybe it’ll be a good doggo and bring your players some wondrous items?


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