Art for the Firbolg PC in from MPMM

Firbolg are a DnD 5e playable race that is related to giants. They are related to giants. In previous editions, firbolg, in both description and art, looked like big hair humans. Fifth edition art shows them as having blue-gray fur covering the majority of their bodies, along with normal human head and facial hair. Their ears are large and pointed, projecting well out of the sides of their heads. I wish that the source books would give us a bit more to go on with a description of these beings, but they don’t. One of my player described them as “cow people”. I feel like they look more like muppets.

a second firbolg
The Firbold Wanderer from Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants.

The first printing of Firbolg in this edition, in Volog’s Guide to Monsters, gave firbolg a +2 to wisdom and a +1 to strength. Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse (MPMM) brought that more in line with the current character creation. Players are now allowed to take a +2 to one stat, and +1 to another, or +1 to each of three distinct stats.

and a third firbolg
A Firbolg Primeval Warden from Bigby Presents.

Firbolg Racial Traits

Firbolgs are taller than the average humanoid, and so have the Powerful Build trait, which lets them count as one size larger when determining their carry weight. I feel like being of large stature should confer more benefits. It should also make you squeeze through your standard 5 foot-wide dungeon passage. The good people at WotC have their own feelings on the topic.

Firbolg have a trait that lets them become invisible until the start of their next turn. They can also talk to animals, but the animals don’t get to talk back. That, and the ability to innately cast detect ma.gic and disguise self, and you’ve got your standard giant muppet

Firbolg are fine, but I can’t think of many famous ones. How about stat blocks for a Mordenkainen, Themberchaud and a few other notables?


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