The Gauntlet in Fourth Wing is a key features of the first year. You can find a full description in the first book of The Empyrean series. It is a vertical obstacle course that the dragon-riders-in-training must overcome in order to be presented to their potential dragons.

Gauntlet Map
I drew this visual aid for you because I care.

Gauntlet Features:

  1. The first obstacle is a 15-foot long rotating log.
  2. The second obstacle is a set of four grantite pillars.
  3. The third obstacle is a large wheel with one entrance to its interior. The wheel rotates counterclockwise. Many other depictions of the Gauntlet that I’ve seen show the wheel set horizontally, but I’m not exactly sure how that works. I may be taking some creative license here, but the wheel functions as a switchback, which makes a lot more sense if it is vertical.
  4. The fourth obstacle is a set of gigantic iron balls. They are said to be slightly too large to cling to effectively.
  5. This is another switchback, leading to the next set of obstacles.
  6. This obstacle is a set of three textured metal cylinders. A person must hang from them and swing them to get close enough to transfer to the next.
  7. This obstacle is another set of pillars. These are made of iron, and are unstable.
  8. This feature is another switchback.
  9. This obstacle is a set of seven large logs. they are about 3 feet in diameter, and counter-rotate.
  10. The Chimney is the second to last obstacle. The standard way to overcome this is by pressing against opposite side of the chimney and climbing. Those of smaller stature may find this impossible.
  11. The last obstacle is a wooden ramp that curves back on itself.

General Assumptions

  • There are ropes every six feet that climbers are allowed to use to catch themselves if they fall from an obstacle. These are said to run from the top of the cliff to the bottom. As seen in the book these ropes are open to abuse. One must assume that there is generally some feature that prevents these ropes from simply being used to climb straight to the top of the cliff. Maybe don’t mention it to your players and hope they don’t figure it out.
  • There must also be features that prevent climbers from using the cliff face to circumvent the obstacles of The Gauntlet. The walls must be smoothed, or otherwise unsuitable for climbing.

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