Ilvash’s Refraction, who boy…


Ilvash's Fragment
Art for Ilvash’s Refraction from The Shattered Obelisk, Phandelver and Below.

I had the pleasure of running the Ilvash’s Refraction for the first time this week and it was great. I’ve generally been very happy with the content of that adventure. The Fragment doesn’t disappoint.

This creature is an avatar of Ilvash. This being is described as a far realm “godlet” in the adventure. It’s a relatively soft target with an AC close to that of a commoner. It has pretty nasty psychic claw attacks that can range up to 120 feet. That attack also ends concentration when it hits. It is relatively slow, but it makes up for that with the ability to teleport. It also has incorporeal movement in case players manage to block the path and try to flee.

Ilvash’s Fragment: One-Two Punch

Ilvash’s Fragment’s real one-two punch comes when you combine its 60 foot mind blast with one of its Legendary Actions. Mindbreaker causes the target to have disadvantage on ability checks, attack rolls and saving throws until the end of the target’s next turn. One of the reasons mind flayers are so scary is that the saving throw for them is based on Intelligence. This is a dump stat for some, and a neglected one for most. Combined with the disadvantage imposed by Mindbreaker, everybody but the wizard is going to have bad day.

And I don’t think Ilvash’s Fragment is all that worried about the wizard either. I already mentioned it’s ranged attack that breaks concentration. On top of that it can also cast feeblemind and dispel magic. It packs 5 legendary resistances for frustrating those “save or suck” spells as well.

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