Inspiration Cards

DnD Beyond just released an article on inspiration cards.  Inspiration cards are a variant rule for inspiration.  Inspiration is normally granted to players as a result of good roleplay by the DM.  In the DungeonSports Coliseum, inspiration is granted two ways. Players can gain a point of inspiration good for the current combat encounter by performing for the audience.  They can also gain inspiration for being voted Most Valiant Combatant by their fellow players.

Under the Inspiration Cards variant rules, a deck of 22 cards is used.  Each card represents a different effect.  Four cards are played face up. When a player is granted inspiration, they are allowed to take one card, and the card is replaced. The player keeps that card until they choose to use the effect on the card.

This is an interesting new take on inspiration.  The current inspiration advantage is a little bland, but my player regularly make use of it in their game. One concern I have is with Inspiration Cards is that the advantage roll that was previously granted has now been split over three cards: one for attack rolls, one for ability check and one for saving throws.  This seems like a bit of a downgrade. It’s very underpowered compared to the effects of the other cards in the deck.

Inspiration Deck for DungeonSports

I am interested in instituting this variant rule in the DungeonSports. My first thought is to replace all of the downgraded advantage rolls with the advantage that you would normally get from Inspiration. I would also make all damage dealing effects scale with player level. This would bring them more in line with some of the other effects. It probably still won’t be as attractive as that extra action card though.

If you’re all done with this article, maybe read up on the rules for the DungeonSports Coliseum.


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