Kobold+ Fight Club is easily one of my favorite encounter builders. Before I talk about why, let’s talk about why Dungeon Masters need an encounter builder. For me, they’re critical. Most of the encounters in my DungeonSport Coliseum game are randomly generated using an encounter builder. Most of the time it’s a good fight. Sometimes I get monsters that are an exciting combination I didn’t expect, and others my monsters aren’t suited to working together, and the players roll to an easy victory.

Kobold+ Figh Club screen capture

For most DMs, fights are going to be a little more planned out. You’ll probably know what kinds of monsters you want to use in the story, and so won’t be looking for a randomly generated encounter. Even under these circumstances, I like to use an encounter builder. I’m lazy about math. I already do plenty and I don’t want to do any more. That’s where Kobold Plus Fight Club comes in.

With an encounter builder like K+FC you can choose your monsters and add them until you hit the XP budget you’re looking for the encounter. You can also ask it to create an encounter of the difficulty you’re looking for. It also has the option to create anything from a boss monster fight to a horde of monsters. This is a nice feature other encounter generators don’t have.

An encounter builder like Kobold+ Fight Club comes in handy for brainstorming combat encounters. You can come up with creatures and combinations that you might not have thought of. You can also use it to generate a random encounter quickly. This is handy when your players get off track and get in to trouble you didn’t plan for. Of course, you’re going to have to come up with the stat blocks on your own. K+FC only has the meta-information on the monsters.


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