Vexia Kohoutek is the second of Voivode Kohoutek’s adoptive children. She is a young gnomish girl from Eberron.

Vexia Kohoutek art Courtesy of RuckeySquad

The child was found in a shipment of monsters from the aforementioned land. Though obviously a child, and of diminutive size, she was a gifted artificer. She crafted shelter, weapons and traps from materials she scavenged from the airship and the monsters it carried.. She stole food, thrived, and remained unnoticed by the crew until the ship arrived at the Coliseum Complex. They threw her into the monster pens to await her time in the arena

She again scavenged parts and stole what she needed to build powered battle armor. Vexia trudged into the arena in her creation. Voivode recognized Vexia’s potential immediately, stopped the fight and put her to work. Vexia now plies her trade in the Coliseum Complex. She maintains the more technical aspects of the facility, including the lightning rails.

Vexia also became an Arena Master. As such, she enhances the monsters before they engage in combat. Often her enhancements take the form of trade-offs. Consequently. enhanced armor costs speed of movement. More powerful attacks result in reduced accuracy. Vexia has no true love of the violence in the arena. For the most part, enhancing the monsters is an intellectual exercise for her.

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