The Awaken spell does some interesting things. One of those things is make a tree about as smart as an ordinary human being, known in fiction as an Awakened Tree. The tree has False Appearance, which allows it to look like a normal tree when it’s not moving. Here’s the stat block from the Basic Rules for 5e:

Awakened Tree stat block
Awakened Tree Stat Block from D&D 5e Basic Rules, p. 177

Awakened Tree Art and Token

And here’s some art and a token you can use for your game. I had Dall-e draw it for me, as I’m not the best at that sort of art.

A spooky tree walking through the forest without feet or hands

If you’re all done here, why not check out some other stat blocks I’ve put together for Mordenkainen, Szass Tam, and a few other big names in the D&D universe.


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