Bastion Tiles on the Virtual Tabletop

I’ve completed a first pass at creating the bastion tiles needed for the rules as written in the recent UA. I made them in a vector graphics editor, so I could be sure they match up as neatly as tiles should. Next I need to draw out the different facility types so that the map has a little more flavor, an then I’ll be moving on to giving them a more hand-drawn look, and fixings other aesthetic issues.

I’ve attached a zip of the files below. Give them a shot and let me know what you think!

The bastion system as discussed in the UA gives players a place where they have as much or more control over the shape of the world than the DM. I would prefer for the players to position and create their bastion on their own. With Foundry VTT, I could make the token NPC actor. This would allow me to assign control over them to individual players. Although this would prevent the bastion tiles from being repositioned by a player who doesn’t own them, they could still get stacked up. This is an issue as I plan on having a single, communal bastion the players share. It would not prevent players from stack stuff up.

Currently I plan on making the tiles as tiles, and positioning them myself as the DM. This will be important, as I intend to use the bastion map as a battle map as well.

Here are some other map assets I’ve created, including Spelljammer Vessel tokens!

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