Need a nice flying spacerock for your beholders? Here you go! The beholder tyrant spelljammer is one of the most unique of the vessels published in the Astral Adventurers Guide. Owing to the fact that beholders hover, and are not particularly concerned with gravity, there are no gridded external deck areas.

Four apertures ring this vessel, and a significantly larger opening sits at one end. all of this lead to an interior deck that is open to space. When redrawing this ship, I could have chosen to represent that semi- external deck in the same way that the decks of the other vessels are shown as being on top but, with the way this thing is shaped, I think that would have been a bad choice.

But a Beholder Tyrant is full of Beholders, no?

I haven’t been fortunate enough to field the beholder tyrant in combat yet. Just based on a review of the ship’s stats, it should be a much more capable combat vessel that most of the other spelljammers. It requires a lot less crew to effectively mount an offense. Four beholders are all it takes to operate the ship and man all its weapons. The whole crew stays safely inside the ship at all times. The tyrant is also large enough that getting close enough to board the vessel would present a significant threat. If the two ships were to touch, the oddly-oriented gravity field is likely to dominate due to its size.

Of course a crew of four beholders is a serious problem as well. Wildspace is practically home for beholders. They fly, they have long range weapons, and they have a nice high constitution. If they end up outside of an air envelope, they can survive for four minutes and 24 seconds.

Here are the other spelljammer tokens I’ve drawn!


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