Bigby Presents; Ceremorph Ettin
Ceremorph Ettin? Yes please!

Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants has some really exciting new monster stat blocks. I’m going to go over a few here, and then come back to talk about some of the other great content in this book in a later posts.

Ettin Ceremorph

There’s two great way to go on monsters. The first is to throw something new that players have never seen before. The second is to give them something they already know and fear. Bigby Presents gets peanut butter in the chocolate by giving us the the Ceremorph Ettin. According to the book, a single mind flayer tadpole is incapable of taking control of a giant. In contrast, it seems something about ettins having two heads makes them susceptible to two tadpoles. I can think of very few monsters that players have a more visceral response to than flayerkin. How much worse are they going to feel about a giant one that also stuns targets up to 120 feet away. Undoubtedly a lot worse.

Bigby Presents: Giant Meat Robots!

Bigby Presents: Flesh Colossus
…and a giant flesh golem?

That last one’s pretty nasty, but so is a flesh golem made out of giant parts with an adamantine skeleton and an elemental magic core that gives it a breath weapon. That’s the Flesh Colossus in a nut shell.

This gargantuan nasty gives us body horror on a massive scale. Plus it has some spectacular new mechanics. The elemental magic core inside of it is only available for attack by creatures that have been swallowed by the colossus. The core has it’s own AC and HP. When it is destroyed, the giant goes berserk. I’m genuinely impressed. This is some great monster design!

Scions of the Giants’ Gods

The very children of the giants’ gods are also available for combat. Interestingly, they rest inside of gargantuan elementals that correspond with their lineage and only pop out when the elemental is destroyed. I’m really looking forward to fielding some of these in combat!

That’s all for now! If you want a stat block for Bigby himself, I’ve got one for you over here.


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