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With the upcoming release of Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants, I thought you might be looking for a Bigby stat block to include in your game. If history teaches us anything, it’s that having a major character’s name on the cover of a book doesn’t guarantee us a stat block for that character. Maybe I’ll be wrong, and you’ll only need this stat block until the book is published.

Looking a bit into past editions for information on Bigby, details are scant. He invented a number of spells involving a giant hand. The Bigby’s Hand spell for 5th edition rolls up all of these different spells. Other than that, it seems his magic repertoire was focused on evocation spells with elemental damage.

Bigby’s Stat Block

I wanted to give him a bit more flavor than just loading him up with appropriate spells. Since he only has one signature spell in the current edition, I want to make that spell stand out. This stat block assumes that players encounter him after he’s had a lot of time perfecting Bigby’s Hand. He’ll be able to use the spell at-will (i.e. without using a spell slot) and without concentration.

With the ability to cast Bigby’s hand without concentration, a wide variety of interesting options becoming available. Bigby can use the hands grappling ability to push creatures into the areas of spells that use concentration such as wall of fire. He could also put himself inside of a wall of force and carry himself around using the hand. This is Bigby’s one and only signature spell. He should use it with abandon.

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