Deck of Dimensions
Art for the Deck of Dimension from The Book of Many Things.

The deck of dimensions is a very powerful new magic item from The Book of Many Things.  It is one of the rare items that is powerful both in and out of combat.  The first ability of the cards lets the attuned user place a mark at a location, which they can then return to within the next 24 hours.  This is done as a bonus action, making it usable in combat. That said, it’s a very handy ability for exploring and puzzle-solving as well.

The deck of dimensions can also cast the Arcane Gate spell. I’m not going to go in depth on this spell. In my experience it is a rarely used spell. That’s too bad, because it is an interesting spell that has utility in similar ways as the first ability of this deck does. I may discuss this further in another later article.

The last ability of the deck of dimensions lets the user throw a card as a bonus action. They can then teleport to where the card lands. Nothing to fancy here, but still a nice ability.

The Deck of Dimensions in Your Game

The combined abilities of his deck will make one of your players slippery, so be ready. Passing out the deck of many things will be almost as disruptive as having a player that can fly. The teleport is longer than misty step, and a tricky player can use it to go places they can’t see. Imagine the players approach a locked door. You expect to have some ability checks, maybe they trip a trap? Nope. The player with the deck of dimensions just flicks a card under the door and unlocks it from the other side.

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