Elminster Aumar Stat Block, Image from Baldur's Gate 3

An Elminster Aumar stat block is something that you’re not going to find in a currently published official D&D 5e source, but I’ve got one for you below! Elminster is one of the most powerful wizards in D&D lore. He was a compatriot of Mordenkainen and a member of his Circle. Elminster was also gifted supernatural powers by the goddess of magic, Mystra.

Other than being an incredibly powerful wizard, he was also know for his mastery of abjuration magic, especially counterspell. He was also know for his thundering longsword, and as being chosen of the goddess of magic, Mystra (whom he outlived…)

Elminster Aumar Token

Elminster Aumar Stat Block:

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[…] has several notable books to his name in older lore. He’s not a wizard on the same level as Elminster or Mordenkainen. Volo is a writer and performer, not a fighter. Accordingly, I’ve created a […]

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