I asked Bing Image Creator for a mashup of my Arena Gnomes and a wizened old mushroom man, and Bing nailed it.

My Brother, My Brother and Me named the year, 2024…20 Fungalore. Fungalore is an old mushroom wizard who hears your wishes.

Your basic, 8-bit, Arena Gnome.

Now, the Arena Gnomes here at the DungeonSports Coliseum are a fungus people as well. It’s how you can tell them from other types of gnomes. They taste totally different.

At the MBMBAM mention of a mushroom wizard, I had to wonder: Is it possible that there is a Fungalore among our gnomes? In days past, taking a full census of our gnomes would have been a real challenge. They used to be everywhere in the Coliseum.

Sadly, a filthy old satyr druid took it upon himself to purge the arena of these noble creatures. Using an arcane eye by the smoking patio outside the Arena Gnome Step Pyramid we were able to identify all four of the remaining gnome. There’s the one who sells fake watches, the one who sells potions of speed, the one who used to be the DungeonSports Coliseum accountant…and the one who heard our wish!

Fungalore Stat Block:

To be clear. I’m not saying this is the same Fungalore the boys mentioned. I am saying, it’s a wild and wacky multiverse we live in, and sometimes folks show up exactly where you’d expect them to. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of Fungalore around the arena. At least we wish it was so… We also wish someone would punish that filthy goat druid for his many crimes.

…and here’s a token for them!

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