Tasha stat block, cover art from Tasha's Cauldron of Everything.

If you’re looking for a Tasha stat block, you’ll be searching for a long time. If you know a little bit about her lore, though, she’s a bit easier to find. Tasha was also known as Iggwilv (and by a few other names as well). A stat block for her can be found in The Wild Beyond the Witchlight.

Tasha as Iggwilv is a very powerful NPC. Possibly the most terrifying aspect of this CR 20 stat block is the fact that wish is on her spell list. She also has the ability to use a more powerful version of counterspell as a reaction. Since this is written as ability, and not a part of her spellcasting, this is one way of blocking spells that can’t itself be countered.

But Maybe a Tasha Stat Block Needs Tasha’s Stuff…

Tasha has a number of items she’s know for as well. Her stat block lists amulet of the planes and robe of the archmagi. Maybe tack on a few of her signature items:

Cauldron of Iggwilv

The cauldron of Iggwilv is immensely powerful. She learned about cauldrons from her adoptive mother, Baba Yaga. It allows the user to create a number of magical items. It also has the ability to incapacitate humanoids or freeze all creatures within a particular radius in time. The cauldron has a wide range of other effects as well.

Demonomicon of Iggwilv

Tasha wrote the book on the denizens of the Abyss. While attuned to the book, a creature’s spells deal maximum damage against fiends. The book also gives you the ability to capture fiends and celestials, and grants the ability to cast a bunch of spells as well. That’s not all you get either.

Now that we’ve talked about Tasha, maybe take a look at some stat blocks I’ve created for famous faces in D&D lore.


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