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One D&D Druids will be significantly different from those of 5e, if the playtest material goes unchanged. The big change here is a doozy. Druid no longer are able to turn into creatures they have seen. Instead they have a generic stat block that they transform into. They can choose the appearance of the creature they become, but they have the stats of the form they change into. Here’s the basic shape, animal of the land:

Later on, the druid gets Animal of the Sea and Animal of the Sky. I’m already hearing a bunch of disagreement with this change, and it’s one I hope to see reverse, or at least for there to be a change that allows players to transform into particular creatures. That would be something I’d feel compelled to “House Rule” if it didn’t change. Archdruid is also significantly nerfed. This feature previously gave you unlimited uses of Wild Shape. Now it only gives you a free use of Channel Nature every time you roll initiative.

Conversely, I think the Alternating Forms feature will be popular. It allows the player to transform back into there normal form as a bonus action. From there, they can change back into their Wild Shape as a bonus action without expending a use of Channel Nature

You can see the full document here.

One D&D Druid Playtest to 5e Druid Comparison

Comparison by Level

  1. In One D&D druids continue to get Spellcasting and Druidic at first level just as they previously did. They also now get Channel Nature at level one. Although it grants other abilities later on, at first level it only gives you Wild Shape.
  2. Level 2 use to grant you your Wild Shape, and your Druid Circle. Now it gives you Nature’s Aid. This is grants a second and third way for you to use your Channel Nature ability. You can summon a spectral flower that provides healing, or cast the Find Familiar spell to summon a fey spirit in the form of an animal
  3. In 5e, druids don’t get a new feature at level 3. Now, this is where they will get their subclass or Druid Circle.
  4. Level 4 granted an Ability Score Increase (ASI) and a Wild Shape Improvement in 5e. Now you get a Feat, which can include and ASI.
  5. Instead of no feature, the druid now gets Might of the Land at level 5. This gives your Wild Shape Climb Speed and a Multiattack.
  6. You got a subclass feature before, and you still get one now.
  7. You got nothing in the previous edition. Now you get the Animal of the Sea form for your Wild Shape.
  8. The Wild Shape Improvement you got at the previous level used to be here. Now you get a feat/ASI.
  9. 5th edition had no feature here. Now you get your Animal of the Sky form for Wild Shape.
  10. Druid Circle feature before, Subclass Feature now.
  11. Nothing in the previous edition. Now you get Tiny Critter, which lets you Wild Shape into a tiny-sized shape, but only for 10 minutes, and only dealing half damage.
  12. ASI is now Feat/ASI.
  13. Under 5e, there was no feature at level 13. Now you get alternating form, which lets you return to you normal shape as a bonus action, and return to your Wild Shape for free within one minute.
  14. Druid Circle feature before, Subclass Feature now.
  15. No feature before, Wild Resurgence now. This feature lets you use Wild Shape and your Healing Blossoms ability simultaneously for only one use of Channel Nature.
  16. ASI is now Feat/ASI.
  17. No feature before, now Beast Spells. This feature is rewritten a bit, but functions just the same as it did in 5e, where it was granted at level 18.
  18. Previously the druid gained Timeless Body and Beast Spells. Now they gain Archdruid, which lets them regain a use of Channel Nature every time they role Initiative. Archdruid also grants the smae benefit as Timeless Body did.
  19. ASI is now Feat/ASI.
  20. In 5e you became an Archdruid, now you get an epic boon.

I’ll be back with a review of the Paladin shortly. If you’re interested in reviews of other One D&D content, you can find it here. If you’re feeling beneficent, maybe do you shopping through our Amazon link to help us keep the Coliseum open.

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