It looks like, in Playtest 7 for One D&D, Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) away from using a feat as the level 20 capstone, to something a little more like what 5e. Indeed, in some cases the level 20 class feature is identical to that under 5e. Scroll ahead to sorcerer if you want to see where things start to change a bit. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s available in Playtest 7:


In Playtest 7, the barbarian gets the Primal Champion class feature at level 20. Other than the flavor text, it is exactly the same, +4 to constitution and an increase of the stat cap to 24.


At level 20, the fighter got their third extra attack, and now they still do. Not much to see here folks.


Under 5e rules, your 20th level sorcerer got Sorcerous Restoration, which allowed them regain four sorcery points with a short rest. That has been replaced with Arcane Apotheosis, which allows you to use one metamagic option per turn without expending a sorcerey point. This is a huge increase in power over the previous capstone. Sorcerers rejoice!


The changes to the warlock class are a little more involved. Warlocks now get the Magical Cunning feature at second level. This allows them to spend 1 minute talking to their patron in order to get half of the spell slots you’ve expended back. This is now linked to your Level 20 feature, which lets you regain all spell slots that were expended, just as it was previously under 5e. There are a lot of other changes to warlock, many of them changes back to 5e, but I’ll need to look into it a little further.


Signatures Spells feature in 5e is now the Signature Spells feature in One. No changes to report.

You can take a look back at other articles on this topic in the One DnD Archives. I’ll be back with more soon!

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