The latest One D&D playtest UA dropped today. You can find it here if you’re interested. There’s five classes, weapon options, spells, and feats. I’m going to focus on the weapon options, becaue there are some big changes here, and I’ll try and come back for some of the other changes later. I noticed some really interesting changes to the character classes that are going to need a little more time for review.

Mastery Properties

There has been some reorganization of the weapons, with most of the changes being superficial. The big change is the addition of Mastery Properites. These are abilities that are unlocked by a PC gaining mastery in a weapon. Here’s a list of the properties and what they do:

  • Cleave – When you hit a target with an attack, you can make and attack roll against another target within 5 feet. Damage dealt to the second target doesn’t include the ability modifier. Cleaving weapons include greataxe and halberd.
  • Flex – Lets you deal a weapon’s versatile damage even when using it one-handed. Quarterstaff, war pick and warhammer have this property.
  • Graze – Attacks that miss still deal damage equal to the player’s damage modifier. The greatsword and the glaive are grazing weapons.
  • Nick – Lets you take a light weapon’s second attack as part of the attack action instead of as a bonus action. Dagger, light hammer and scimitar have this property.
  • Push – On a hit, you can push a creature that is no more than one size larger than you up to 10 feet away. Greatclub, pike and heavy crossbow have this feature.
  • Sap – A hit from a sapping weapons give the target disadvantage on its next attack roll. Morningstar, flail and mace all have this property.
  • Slow – Reduces a creature’s speed by 10 feet on their next turn. Longbows, muskets, javelins and clubs have this property.
  • Vex – A hit gives you advantage on your next attack against the creature. before the end of your next turn. Shortsword, short bow, hand crossbow, and quite a few other weapons have this feature.

Gaining Weapon Mastery

Some classes now gain weapon mastery as part of their progression. Barbarians start with 2 weapon masteries. They gain a third mastery at 4th level, and then a fourth at 10th level. Fighters start with 3 weapon masteries. Additional weapon masteries added at the same levels as for barbarians. Sorcerers, warlocks and wizards, which are also included in this UA, are not given any weapon masteries. There is a new feat which grants a weapon mastery, Weapon Mastery. Interestingly, it allows you to change your mastery after a long rest. I’ve looked back over all of the previous playtest materials, and none of the tables for the expert classes or druid and paladin listed weapon masteries. I’m assuming that at least some of these classes will get masteries during a later revision.

That’s all on the latest UA for now. Check out our item pricings or D&D Resources and I’ll be back with another post soon!

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