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Cover art from Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants

Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants brings a raft of new items. Many of these items are very powerful, including quite a few artifacts and other legendary items. The items also introduce a mechanic I haven’t seen before in D&D 5e. Many of these items expend hit dice to deal extra damage or power other effects. This makes the items relatively unique, and therefore a little more difficult to price. I expect that I may be revising the prices for these items as I see them used in the Coliseum.

Bigby Presents Item Prices:

  • Adze of Annam – An artifact weapon, +3 with an additional 3d12 of force damage on the hit.
  • Crown of the Wrath Bringer – Allows the attuned wearer to spend hit dice to add psychic damage to their attacks.
  • Nimbus Coronet – Prevents fall damage and allows the wearer to teleport 15 feet as a bonus action. It also lets you turn into a cloud once a day. You get a fly speed and physical damage resistance.
  • Ring of Amity – Allows the attuned wearer to form a bond with another creature. While the bond persists, the creature gains hit points when the wearer is healed by a magical effect. The wearer can also use their reaction to make successful attack rolls by the bonded creature critical hits.
  • Wayfarer’s Boots – Increases walk speed, provides advantage on walk speed, and lets you cast expeditious retreat once per day.

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