Shadowheart backstory and art
The Backstory section from Shadowheart’s character sheet

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Dice Set on D&D Beyond has that Shadowheart character sheet you’re looking for. I’m not gonna lie here. I had to look up what a Shadowheart was. I find videogame versions of tabletop roleplaying games don’t really scratch the itch for Dungeons and Dragons the way a regular game does. Because of that, I’m not really up to date on who is everybody’s second favorite romantic partner in BG3.

She sounds cool though:

A devoted cleric of Shar, goddess of Darkness and loss, Shadowheart agreed to have her memories wiped as part of a holy mission. Now its sole survivor, she must deliver a powerful relic ack to her in in order to win Shar’s love and have her memories restored – but all the while, she is tormented by strange, painful magic that she struggles to understand.

Shadowheart’s Backstory from BG3

Looks like you’re in luck. Along with Shadowheart, you also get the character sheets for Astarion, Gale, Lae-zel, Wyll and Karlach. Now you can make your DM include your favorite character in their game. Have fun awkwardly flirting with them as they play the role!

Just keep in mind Shadowheart’s tragic backstory though. Protip: if somebody picks a name that emo for themselves, they’re probably gonna live up to it. That’s real talk from your Voivode in the middle of an article about videogame characters. I’d bet dollars to donuts that she’s got somebody back home that she’ll inconveniently remember. Probably at the most dramatic time possible. I guess that’s what you get for worshipping a god of trickery. Protip the second: maybe try dating a beholder instead.

Why bother including these characters when you could use some of the best monsters in the game instead?


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