Shard of Xeluan
Art for the Shard of Xeluan from Keys From the Golden Vault

The Shard of Xeluan is a magic item from an adventure in Keys From the Golden Vault.  It is a chunk of the petrified heart of a heroic giant.  The shard acts as an enhanced spell casting focus and provides a huge increase in strength score. The curse of this item plagues the attuned user with misfortune on when they roll 1 on a d20.  The curse can be broken with the remove curse spell, or by returning the shard to the remainder of the giant’s heart.  It bears remembering that removing curse also breaks attunement to a cursed item. There is no way to use the shard without suffering the effects of the curse.

Using the Shard of Xeluan in Your Adventure

The curse on the Shard of Xeluan is designed to encourage the PCs to return the shard. The removal of the shard has caused environmental calamities in the region. This should probably be enough to encourage any adventurer of a good alignment to want to reunite this two.  The curse of a member of the party just makes things personal.

You can apply this “curse as a motivation” scheme to almost any adventure.  The shard can be a part of whatever McGuffin lies at the heart of you Big Bad’s Plans.  At the very least, even in they manage to break the curse, the PC who attuned can fell the Mcguffin calling to its piece and understand where the party needs to go to set things right. The bonus this item provides to strength could make it a very attractive bonus to a martial character that is also a caster, like a paladin or eldritch knight.  They might even choose not to break the curse while the undertake the quest to return this relic to its proper place.

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