Spellwrought Tattoo 5e
This is what NightCafe gives me when I ask for a magic tattoo, anime style

Spellwrought Tattoos were introduced to D&D 5e in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, page 135. They remain very popular in the arena despite their age. This is true of quite a few items from Tasha’s, which is probably the single most important source of items along with the Dungeon Master’s Guide. Let take a look at Spellwrought Tattoos and what makes them such a valuable item in the game.

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What Makes Spellwrought Tattoos So Great?

Well, there’s a few things:

  1. First and foremost, spellwrought tattoos allow the user to cast any spell, whether or not that spell is on their class’s spell list. This is great for giving a fighter a single use of shield to use in case of emergency. Likewise, silvery barbs, fireball, or mirror image might be handy for your non-caster to have on hand if they need it. This is a great way to patch holes in party composition. If you don’t have enough healers, let the party find a helpful tattoo artist who can give them a little more resilience in battle.
  2. Spellwrought tattoos cast the spell without using a spell slot. Even your characters who can cast will enjoy having an additional spell free of resource use.
  3. These tattos also allow you to cast spells without material components. Not all campaigns track material components, but that certainly is handy in cases where they do.
  4. From a DMs standpoint, the tattoos are good for storytelling and RP purposes. They are fun to describe, and provide a good alternative to potions and other items for buffing players.

How Do These Tattoos Work?

Spellwrought Tattoos come in the form of a magic needle. The user speaks the command word for the item to apply the tattoo. Once the tattoo is applied, it can be used just as the spell would be cast, but with fixed modifiers. The Ability modifier is +3, save DC 13, and attack bonus is +5 for tattoos from cantrip to second level. This bumps up to +4/15/+7 for 3rd and 4th level spells, and then +5/17/+9 for fifth level spells. Spell Tattoos above this level are not official content, but why let that stop you?


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