Tiefling are a playable race in Dungeons and Dragons 5e. You can find all the details in the 5e Basic Rules. Although humanoid, they are easily distinguished by their devilish features. They typically have horns, tails and fangs. Their eyes are a single, solid color, typically, black, red, white, silver or gold. They can have normal human skin tones, but may also be an infernal shade of red.

Art of the Tiefling from the 5e Basic Rules

In the lore of D&D, Tiefling are outcasts. Because of their infernal parentage, they are suspected of being constitutively evil. As with any other prejudice, of course this suspicion is misplaced. Tiefling can have any alignment.

Tiefling have some really great traits. Their Hellish Resistance gives them resistance to fire damage. They also gain the ability to cast hellish rebuke as a 2nd-level spell when they reach the 3rd level. At 5th level they can cast darkness once per short or long rest. Superior dark vision comes along with the package as well. They also take a +2 to Charisma, and +1 to intelligence, making them great options for Charisma-based classes like bard, sorcerer, warlock and paladin.

Roleplaying the Tiefling

It will be up to the DM and players to decide whether or not the world they are playing in is prejudiced against Tieflings. It may be that the world, or at least the region the game is set is, is used to Tieflings, and they don’t suffer from bigotry. If they do, they player can decide whether or not their character tends to try and go unnoticed or is loud and proud about their race. Some NPCs may react so strongly to Tieflings that they roll social checks at disadvantage. They may even refuse to associate at all. A group with a Tiefling character could find themselves ostracized along with their comrade.

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