Sword of the Planes
Art for the Sword of the Planes from The Book of Many Things.

The sword of the planes is a magical item from The Book of Many Things.  It has a +3 attack and damage bonus and can be used to open a 10×10 rift to another plane of existence.  Using this sword as a means on transportation is a fairly obvious reason for including it in your campaign.  It’s a really elegant way to let your players plane hop across the multiverse.  Although it allows the user to select a specific location, it gives the DM latitude to choose a location close to the target instead of the target itself.  Outside of just transportation, how can you make this sword work as part of the story of a campaign?

Sword of the Planes and Fiendish Foes

Your PCs have a serious problem.  They’ve made a rakshasa their nemesis.  It was disguised as a king’s trusted adviser when they first met it. They exposed it’s sinister plans, cornered it and slew it. But fiends don’t truly die outside of their home plane.  This rakshasa keeps returning in new guises, always as a powerful human.  It wields society as a weapon against them, making their lives misery until they can unmask it and slay it again.  It seems they’ll never be free of it’s machinations.

When they find the sword of the planes, though, they can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The next time this fiend sinks it’s claw into them, they’ll turn the tables.  They’ll drag it back to the hell it came from and slay it there.  They can end it forever.  They just need to figure out where this fiend came from, and they’re ready.

Of course, it won’t be dragged back to it’s home turf willingly.  It’ll have to be forced through the portal.  Once there they may find that, although they’ve go a chance to end it forever, it now has the advantage of fighting in it’s natural environment…or worse, maybe even it’s lair.

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