Wyrmreaver gauntlets
What Dall-e thinks wyrmreaver gauntlets look like.

The wyrmreaver gauntlets from Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants are a superb item for monks. In their inactivated state, they allow the player to deal additional force damage on their unarmed strikes.  The attuned user also gets to select resistance to one form of elemental damage after they take a long rest.

The show really starts when the dragon rune on the wyrmreaver gauntlets is activated.  The user’s unarmed strikes now have 30 feet of reach.  Additionally, when they hit with an unarmed strike on an opportunity attack, the target must make a saving throw against being prone.

Wyrmreaver Gauntlets vs. Dragons

At first glance, it doesn’t seem like these would do anybody a whole lot of good against dragons.  A flying dragon would easily stay out of the 30 foot reach of this weapon.  The dragon leads with it’s breath weapon, and then stays out of range of the player’s attacks.  Any dragon older than young will be well out of range when it uses its breathe weapon.

That said, the resistance granted by the wyrmreaver gauntlets will allow the user to weather the breath weapon as long as they are prepared, and draw the dragons’ melee attacks when its breath weapon is depleted.  All of a dragon’s attacks have less reach than the gauntlets.  Provide it chooses to hit and run, the user of the gauntlets get an opportunity attack and hopefully prone the dragon for it’s friends.

Of course, dragons of a certain age and above have Legendary Resistances.  Mostly the dragon would choose not to be proned by the wyrmreaver gauntlets, I’d imagine.  Using up a legendary resistance is a worthy use of a reaction. It gets the party’s casters one step closer to a potential combat-ending saving-throw based spell.

Now that you’re done with the wyrmreaver gauntlets, maybe check out some other great wondrous items you haven’t heard of, or take a peek at some nasty critters to use them on in my monster hotlist.


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