If ISO had a placard to put on monsters with the Death Burst Trait...

Are your players getting a little too confident? Do they feel like they can just run up to monsters and hack away at them without any tactics or preparation? Death Burst may be just the trait you’re looking for.

Death Burst triggers when the creature dies, typically dealing damage to other creatures within a specified radius of the “burster”. Some monsters with this trait cause blindness, such as the dust mephit. Others have a death burst, but it’s called something else, like the Colossus of Akros and its Crumbling Destruction trait, or Death Throes for draconians

Art Elemental1/4SCC
Baaz Draconian1/2DSotDQ
Bozak Draconian2DSotDQ
Captain Hask6DSotDQ
Cinder Hulk7BGG
Colossus of Akros23MoT
Draconian Dreadnought4FTD
Draconian Foot Soldier1/2FTD
Draconian Infiltrator3FTD
Draconian Mage2FTD
Draconian Mastermind6FTD
Dracophage Subject3DSotDQ
Dust Mephit1/2MM
Frost Worm17EGW
Fume Drake1/4DoSI
Galvanice Weird1GGR
Gas Spore1/2MM
Gauth6VGM or MPMM
Ice Mephit1/2MM
Kapak Draconian3DSotDQ
Magma Mephit1/2MM
Mist Hulk6BGG
Mud Mephit1/4MM
Rime Hulk5BGG
Sivak Draconian4DSotDQ
Skeletal Bloodfin9CRCotN
Slithering Bloodfin9CRCotN
Smoke Mephit1/4MM
Spirit Statue Mascot1/4SCC
Steam Mephit1/4MM

You should consider the environment for the encounter as well. Make sure to keep spaces enclosed so that the burst is harder to avoid. Shut down long lines of sight with objects. This will make it harder for your players to snipe the enemies from a safe distance. Also, consider sending an NPC in first to get a taste of the sweet burst so that your players know the stake. Unless you’d rather they find out the hard way.

Get Out of Here! This Article is About to Death Burst!

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