I have to say, there are few things that bring me more joy in the coliseum than watching one of my monsters swallow a contestant. Honestly, I’m not sure why. It doesn’t give me that much of an advantage. The contestant is restrained and blind, but they also have full cover from everything outside the monster.

This article was originally published November 20th, 2020, and has been updated to reflect new additions to the officially published D&D monster cannon and include Challenge Rating.

Monsters that swallow, the Skyswimmmer
The Skyswimmer, from The Guidmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, one of the two flying creatures that can swallow

It does create a moment in combat, though. One of our heroes is buried inside the flesh of their foe. Will they hack their way out? Maybe they’ll hit it in the guts so hard that it expels them, or perhaps their friends will have to rush to their rescue and free them from their meaty tomb. I’m glad Dungeons and Dragons 5e has more than a few options for swallowing monsters.

Usually the one to get swallowed is the idiot barbarian who ran way out ahead of their allies. Sadly, this character is uniquely equipped to survive such glaring errors in judgement, and can probably resist the damage and overcome the restraint well enough to deal my beautiful monster a killing blow. I’ll have to visit Vexia in her workshop and see if she can find me something that can sooth the savage heart while it is slowly digested…

Other D&D Monsters that Swallow

CreatureChallenge RatingSource
Amalgamation23Dungeons of Drakkenheim
Astral Dreadnought21Mordenkainenen’s Tome of Foes or Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse
Bakunawa12Journeys through the Radiant Citadel
Banderhobb 5Volo’s Guide to Monsters or Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse
Beanstalk Worm18Monstrous Compendium Volume 4: Eldraine Creatures
Behir 11Monster Manual
Blemmyes8Tome of Beasts 2023
Big Momma11Light of Xaryxis
Brown Scavver4Boo’s Astral Menagerie
Clockwork Behir 11Acquisitions Incorporated
Core Spawn Worm 15Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount
Crater Wurm15Dungeons of Drakkenheim
Demon Lord Qorgeth23Tome of Beasts 2023
Elder Dinosaur (Etali, Ghalta, Nezahal, Zacama and Zetlpa)30Plane Shift: Ixalan
Emrakul30Plane Shift: Zendikar
Empyrean Brazen Bull10Lairs of Etharis
Eye Monger10Boo’s Astral Menagerie
Eyestalk of Gzemnid15Turn of Fortune’s Wheel
Fire Kraken21Chains of Asmodeus
Froghemoth 10Volo’s Guide to Monsters or Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse
Frost Worm 17Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount
Giant Frog 1/4Monster Manual
Giant Ice Toad 3Tales from the Yawning Portal
Giant River Serpent11Plane Shift: Amonkhet
Giant Subterranean Lizard 4Tales from the Yawning Portal
Giant Toad 1Monster Manual
Giant Whirlwyrm11Turn of Fortune’s Wheel
Gishath, Sun’s Avatar10Plane Shift: Ixalan
Gluttony Seraph14Lairs of Etharis
Great Kroom, Purple Worm15Adventures with Muk
Gug12Tome of Beasts 2023
Hellion11Plane Shift: Ixalan or Plane Shift: Zendikar
Hertilod17Vecna: Eve of Ruin
Horned Frog11Plane Shift: Ixalan
Hraesvelger19Tome of Beasts 2023
Isonade14Tome of Beasts 2023
Juvenile Eldritch Horror11Keys from the Golden Vault
Juvenile Kraken 14Ghosts of Saltmarsh
Kozilek23Plane Shift: Zendikar
Kraken 23Monster Manual
Lindwyrm14Lairs of Etharis
Magma Landshark14Tal Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn
Necrotic Centipede 11Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus
Neothelid 13Volo’s Guide to Monsters or Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse
Nightgarm6Tome of Beasts 2023
Old Croaker 1Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount
Parasite-Infested Behir11Candlekeep Mysteries
Purple Worm 15Monster Manual
Purple Wormling 2Storm King’s Thunder
Reduced-Threat Remorhaz 11Tales from the Yawning Portal
Remorhaz 11Monster Manual
Runed Behir 11Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage
Sandwurm15Plane Shift: Amonkhet
Sathaq Worm10Tome of Beasts 2023
Scion of Grolantor22Bigby Presents: Glory of the Giants
Shifting Slime1/2Humblewood Campaign Setting
Sky Leviathan10Plane Shift: Kaladesh
Skyswimmer 13Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica
Slarkrethel 25Storm King’s Thunder
Son of Fenris12Tome of Beasts 2023
Sperm Whale 8Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
Tarrasque 30Monster Manual
Thessalkraken14Infernal Machine Rebuild
Titanoboa12Tome of Beasts 2023
Tromokratis 26Mythic Odyssey of Theros
Udaak 16Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount
Void Scavver11Boo’s Astral Menagerie
Wakewyrm6Humblewood Campaign Setting
Water Leaper4Tome of Beasts 2023
Wurm 14Guildmasters’ Guide to Ravnica
Young Kraken14Locathah Rising
Young Purple Worm 13Princes of the Apocalypse
Zimwi5Tome of Beasts 2023

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