Lego Dungeons and Dragons, you say? Red Dragon’s Tale is an upcoming Lego set created to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. I’m currently doing my best to resist the urge to order this thing. My resolve is weak.

The set comes with the titular red dragon, but also contains quite a few other icons of the game. The in has a few pesky mimics. On the meadows you’ll encounter an owlbear and some myconids. In the dungeon, you’ll find the oozes: black pudding and gelatinous cube. The basement comes with a beholder and a displacer beast.

You can find a companion adventure for the set both on the Lego website, and on D&D Beyond.

Red Dragon's Tale lego set.

Lego Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

The Companion Adventure is interesting. Each part of this adventure is reflected in the Lego set. It starts at Inn Plain Sight, a tavern. It winds through the Lego set to the climactic battle with the red dragon on the spire above. It plays with the rules of D&D a good bit to make it fit a more Lego-like sensibility. This includes a section entitled, “Without D&D Rules”. That seems wild to me, as the set this adventure is paired with is supposed to be a celebration of D&D. That said, I can see the benefit of being able to play with younger folks, or people who already players.

One of the really interesting things they did along those lines was to just make suggestions for how magical items work. There is a list of existing magic items that have simplified suggestions for how they work. One in particular lets the players manipulate the blocks in the set, which seems like a lot of fun to me!

While you’re waiting on that Lego set, why not check out some other great D&D monsters?


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