Quests from the Infinite Staircase is the next book to be released for Dungeons and Dragons on July 16 2024. There is already a bit of 5e lore regarding The Infinite Staircase. According to the Dungeon Master’s Guide:

Infinite Staircase
I asked Bing Copilot for some Penrose stairs. Seems to have gotten that one right.

The Infinite Staircase

The Infinite Staircase is an extradimensional spiral staircase that connects the planes. An entrance to the Infinite Staircase usually appears as a nondescript door. Beyond the portal lies a small landing with an equally nondescript stairway leading up and down. The Infinite Staircase changes appearance as it climbs and descends, going from simple stairs of wood or stone to a chaotic jumble of stairs hanging in radiant space, where no two steps share the same gravitational orientation. It is said that one can find one’s heart’s desire on the Infinite Staircase through diligent searching of each landing.

Doors to the Infinite Staircase are often tucked away in dusty, half-forgotten places that no one frequents or pays any attention to. On any given plane, there can be multiple doors to the Infinite Staircase, though entrances aren’t common knowledge and are occasionally guarded by devas, sphinxes, yugoloths, and other powerful monsters.

5e Dungeon Masters Guide

It looks like this next book will be another anthology of adventure from older editions updated for 5e. This is much like Tales from the Yawning Portal. I’m hopeful that we’ll get some more insight into the multiverse with these adventures.

Why Wait to Go Down the Infinite Staircase?

The Infinite Staircase is a great way to change gears on your adventure. One moment your players are delving into the depths of a dungeon, hot on the trail of their nemesis. The next door they pop open leads to a staircase that doesn’t seem to match the construction of the dungeon. The next door they open takes them to the Underdark, the elemental plane of fire, or dumps them out into wildspace. They’re not in Kansas anymore (or maybe they are…).

Worse yet, that BBEG they’ve been hunting, he’s found the staircase to. Now their evil plans aren’t contained in a single plane of existence. They’ve been turned loose on a whole multiverse, ripe for domination.

Before you hit the steps of the Infinite Staircase, maybe check out some great magic items!


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