Nest of the Eldritch Eye is a new adventure on D&D Beyond. It serves as a prelude to the upcoming adventure Vecna: Eve of Ruin. I’ve just finished looking through it and I’m excited to have the chance to run it.

Nest of the Eldritch Eye Art
Art from Nest of the Eldritch Eye

The adventure is said to be set up for a group of 4-6 level 3 adventurers. I think, for many, level 3 is a preferred starting point. Player characters are a lot harder to accidentally kill at level 3. They also have a good chunk of their class abilities. This makes them a bit more fun to play then level 1 and 2 characters that may have few if any features to use.

Nest of the Eldritch Eye Difficulty

Here are the combat encounters, and the difficulty for a group of four level 3 characters:

  • Water Weird – medium
  • 3 Grey Ooze – medium
  • 8 Zombies – hard, but with an alternate solution that can end combat in about 2 turns.
  • 7 Cultist – easy
  • 1 Cult Fanatic, 2 Cultists and 2 Shadows – hard

I rarely use encounters that are less than hard difficulty. Especially with monsters from the earlier books (and all of these are from the Monster Manual, the combat is too easy. I would significantly alter some or all of these encounters, assuming my players were relatively experienced gamers. I’d suggest sticking with the same monsters, but bumping them up to at least a hard encounter difficulty for the number of players. The final battle should be deadly.

The other way to improve this is a matter of tactics. If the players are thorough, and neutralize all of the enemies on the way to the final battle with the Cult Fanatic, you can reward them with an easier fight. If not, the sound of the battle or call for reinforcement can bring surviving dungeon denizens into the fight.

Now that we’ve looked at this module, why not test your knowledge of the basic rules.


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