Tome of Beasts 1 2023 Edition brings quite a few updates to the creatures originally published by Kobold Press. A significant proportion of these changes is just rewording the stat blocks to reflect WotC’s style guide. There are quite a few substantive changes though. I’ll be reviewing them in this post. Come back later if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

The Tome of Beasts update kept the racy art, which was sort of a surprise to me…

Abominable Beauty

  • Burning Touch now deals 2d6 less fire damage on a hit with the slam attack, and 5d6 less damage when the abominable beauty is touched.
  • The Multitattack now includes Blinding Gaze.
  • Slam has a +4 damage bonus. This may reflect a change from using the creature’s DEX instead of STR.
  • Blinding Gaze’s Charisma DC is now 1 less, and it no longer has a recharge.
  • Deafeaning Voice now deals 9d6 thunder damage (half on a successful save, and has 60 feet less range.

Accursed Defiler

  • Undead Nature was added
  • A creature hit by two Slam attacks from this type of creature in one turn previously made a CON save. On a failure they gained one level of exhaustion. Now this effect is triggered by a critical hit.

Adult Cave Dragon

Tome of Beasts 1 2023 updated the cave dragon art. An improvement, I think.

The changes to the Adult Cave Dragon are too numerous to list. Its CR has been bumped up from 16 to 19. It’s stronger and heartier, and can choose to leave tunnels behind it when it burrows. It lost its innate spellcasting. It also now has lair actions and regional effects. All of this brings it more in line with other adult dragons published by WOTC.

Adult Flame Dragon

The update has new art for the flame dragon as well…
  • Hit Points increased by 63
  • No longer has proficiency with Insight
  • Only has Common, Draconic and Ignan as languages
  • Gained Heated Body
  • Fire Breath does 2d6 less damage, but the rampaging it causes excludes the dragon as a target.

Adult Mithral Dragon

The Adult Mithral Dragon gets much the same treatment as the Adult Cave Dragon above. It has an increased CR. It also now has lair actions and regional effects. It no longer has a spell list. Perhaps the most interesting change is that the Shard breath no longer causes a bleeding effect on targets. It now creates an area of difficult terrain that deals damage to creatures moving through it.

Adult Rime Worm

  • Renamed “Rime Worm”
  • It no longer has a cold- and necrotic-damage aura, instead dealing cold damage when it is touched or hit with melee attacks. All other necrotic damage has been removed from the stat block as well.
  • It now has advantage to hide in snowy terrain, can burrow through earth sand, earth and mud as well as ice and snow, and ignores difficult terrain caused by ice and snow.
  • It can now freeze grappled targets in a block of ice, causing the petrified condition.
  • Black Ice Spray no longer causes blindness

I’ll be back with more soon!

That’s all for now! Maybe check out some other great monsters here!

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