AI Art of Vexia's Colossus
AI Art of Vexia’s Colossus…

With the rise of generative artificial intelligence, those of us on the internet have access to original AI art. This art is free and available almost instantaneously. I’ve heard quite a few visual artists express concern over what this is doing to their profession, and I’m sympathetic to their concerns. As I start using more AI art work in my creative projects, I want to address that concern and set out what I hope is a fair position for people to hold me accountable.

…my own work…

As it stands now, I do most of my own artwork. I’ve only commissioned a few pieces from professional artists. I would love to be able to buy more work for DungeonSports. That said, this project makes me very little money, and I can’t afford to buy work right now. I hope that will change soon(ish). For now, though, I have to make the best product I can with the time and money I have available. Here’s what I’m going to do:

…and art I commissioned from ruckysquad.

AI Art and the DungeonSports Coliseum:

  1. AI art is undesirable as part of the product, but in some cases is better than no art at all.
  2. Using AI art doesn’t live up to my preference for supporting other creators. It is also generally not consistent with my preferred art style.
  3. This art can provide value for DungeonSports. As such, although it is not my preference, I have to use it to build the Coliseum.
  4. AI art will be clearly noted as such in any of my publications. This will be done in order to educate consumers and ensure they are aware of the source of the content.
  5. Once I am making the equivalent local minimum wage for the time I spend on DungeonSports and my other creative projects, I will begin the process of replacing AI art with commissioned works. Either way, I will continue to create my own art as time permits.

I’m interested in feedback on this position, so if you have thoughts, please share! Otherwise, you can check out some of my original content here.

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