The changeling race was introduced as a playable option in Eberron: Rising from the Last War and then again in Mordenkainen Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse. Changeling is a great option for rogues, bards and other characters that specialize in stealth and social encounters. Further reinforcing this is the bonus proficiency they get in social skills.

I asked Bing Copilot to make art of a D&D changeling. Nailed it.

One of the other interesting aspects of changelings is their creature type.  Changeling are fey, not humanoid as is the default for most playable races.  This doesn’t have a huge impact, but it can get your character out of some sticky situations.  For instance, charm person, hold person and dominate person all specifically state they target humanoids.  As a result, attempts to cast this spell against changelings fail automatically.

Of course, your fey status puts you at increased risk in some situations as well. For instance, the spell divine word sends certain types of beings back to their home planes.  One of those types is fey.  Your party is going to have a whole new adventure connecting back up with you after you get sent home. The banishment spell could have similar results as well. There are also quite a few other spells that targe fey specifically.

Changelings also have the shapechanger trait. Check out how the spell moonbeam works on them:

A shapechanger makes its saving throw with disadvantage. If it fails, it also instantly reverts to its original form and can’t assume a different form until it leaves the spell’s light.

Of course that’s not likely to be too big of a probably not to big of a problem in combat. The changeling isn’t particularly reliant on its shapechanging in combat. Your allies might have some concerns once they find out you’re not what they thought you were. That’s not the only surprise in store for changelings with respect the being a shapechanger…

Now that you know a little more about changelings, maybe check out some nice magic items to equip one with.


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